"Absolutely amazing!.. I've never seen anything like this in Murfreesboro."

-Daniel Nunnelee
"An extraordinarily immersive experience. I love the message of it. I love the format, and all the performers were absolutely phenomenal!"​​

-Sunshine Scott
"Every moment was a moment to remember."​​

-Brianna Bauman
"To leave a show itching to create more music is one of my favorite feelings. That's how tonight made me feel."

-Kelsey Keith
"We just had a wonderful, amazing night listening to all these brilliant musicians. Wonderful performances!"​

-Jon Marion
"Fantastic! I had a great time. It was very unique... I would definitley tell everyone I know to come whenever they can."​​​​​​​​​

-Kaylee Flores
"I felt a sense of wonder... We had lots of laughs, and I just had a really great time."​​​​

-Josiah Ediger
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What the heck is "An Evening Out of Time"?

With so many components, it's a bit tough to fit "An Evening Out of Time" into a box. It's certainly more than just a show, though it is quite the show. At its heart, the evening is an intimate, immersive experience that's all about the audience. 

Over the course of the evening, dressed to the nines, guests are welcomed like family and invited to participate in a full evening of jazz, magic, swing dancing (with a group lesson; no prior experience necessary,) and original music, with some fun surprises along the way. 

It's also a social experience. Over delicious hors d'oeuvres, with kickin' live jazz in the background, guests are invited to spend some time getting to know the folks with whom they're sharing their evening. 

Oh yeah, one more thing. "An Evening Out of Time" is made possible by one rule: NO CELL PHONES. As terrifying as that may sound, it's proven to be an absolutely integral part of the experience. Guests are freed up to fully engage with the folks right in front of them, to be present and truly experience something new and unique.

If you're looking for the perfect date night or a super fun night out with friends, congratulations! You've found it. All that's left is to reserve your place, and you can do that here →

Seating is extremely limited, so reserve your seats while they're still available! See you then :)

Your hosts for the evening:

Liam Hickey
Fort Wayne, IN
Evan Reichenfeld
Pittsburg, PA
Austin Ford
Atlanta, GA
Jackson Bieger
Knoxville, TN
Luisa Marion
Marshfield, WI
Shannon McNeal
Cullman, AL
Jakub Martin
Nashville, TN
A note from Austin:

Hi! Just so you know, I'm flattered that you're even reading this and considering coming to "An Evening Out of Time." For the months that it took to put this experience together, I really had no clue whether it would turn out remotely close to how I envisioned it or just be a big flop. It sure was a whole lot of work for that level of uncertainty. What I didn't count on was how beautifully the seven of us would rally together behind the same goal: to give folks the best evening we possibly could. We ended up with something truly special, and we're beyond excited to share it with you. We seriously can't wait to see you there :)